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Sexual Addiction Counselling

Sexual addiction is best described as a progressive intimacy disorder characterized by compulsive sexual thoughts and acts. It has become a common struggle among many people throughout all generation in our society. We offer support in helping both the sex addict and his/her partner. Don't allow your struggle with sex addiction to interfere with your work, social and family life.

In a none judgmental environment, our clinic will help you get to the root cause of your sexual addiction, which can be related to unmet emotional needs and support you to get free from the devastating effect that it can cause you and your family.

Call or email us today to make an appointment. Don’t let shame stopping you from seeking help. We care for you.

More Information on Sexual Addiction

  • Sex becomes an addiction when the addict can’t stop despite negative consequences. The behaviour is chronic and often times escalating.
  • Sex addicts engage in distorted thinking, often rationalizing and justifying their behaviour and blaming others for problems. They generally deny they have a problem and make excuses for their actions.
  • Sexual addiction also is associated with risk taking. A person engages in various forms of sexual activities, despite the potential for negative and/or dangerous consequences.
  • For some people, the sex addiction progresses to involve illegal activities, such as exhibitionism (exposing oneself in public), making obscene phone calls, or molestation. However, it should be noted that sex addicts do not necessary becomes sex offenders.

The addiction Cycle has four distinct and sequential components:

1.  Preoccupation – The addictive cycle begins at the point where the addict's thoughts

     become focused on the sexual behaviour.

2.  Ritualization – Addicts enhance their preoccupation with rituals and regularly follow

     methods of preparing for sexual activities to take place. Anything can become a ritual

     for the addict.  

3.  Sexual Compulsivity – Addicts lose the ability to control their sexual behaviour.

4.  Shame and Despair – The addict’s intense emotional pain leads to the fleeting

     moments of sexual release. However, following the climax experience, the addict falls

     into shame and despair. Isolation also increase.

Treatment for Sexual Addiction

1.  Most sex addicts live in denial of their addiction, so treating an addiction is

     dependent on the person accepting and admitting that he or she has a problem.

2.  Treatment focuses on identifying the unmet emotional needs and the triggers that lead

     to the sexual addiction. It helps the addicts develop a healthier coping mechanism to

     address the compulsive sex thoughts and acts. Sexual addicts are supported to develop

     a healthy sexuality.

3.  Family counselling is also encouraged to support the family member (s), in many cases

     the partner of the sexual addict, to have a voice and to heal from the emotional pain

     caused by her or his sex addict partner behaviour.

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Don’t suffer in silence. There is hope for you. Call or email us today to make an appointment to start your healing process. We can support you to overcome the sex addiction and get your life back again. Don’t let shame stop you from seeking help.

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