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Pre-Marital Counselling

Given the staggering divorce rates, one of the best things you can do to help prevent divorce and strength your marital relationship is to take premarital counselling.  

In premarital counselling, you will have an opportunity to discuss important issues that are critical to build a strong and lasting relationship such as parenting, finances, values, beliefs, emotional needs, desires and expectations for your marriage and be able to have a better understanding where your future spouse’s positions are on those issues. Therefore, you will have an opportunity to address those issues if they are conflicting for you before it becomes a problem in your marital relationship.

Our clinic provides a relationship assessment tool or comparability tests to assist couples to identify the areas of strength and weakness in their relationship. Our premarital counselling goal is to equip couples with skills to listen, communicate and address any issues that might threat the harmony of the relationship, and highlight the relationship strength to support the process of addressing any conflicting issues successfully.

Some More Reasons You Might Consider Premarital Counselling:

  1. Review Finances – Ongoing financial problems can destroy even the healthiest of relationships, so it helps to sit down with a marital counsellor and draw up a plan of action for how you handle your bank accounts and how you will handle paying for your responsibilities. Learning about yours and your spouse’s spending habits before both of you say I do can help both of you avoid arguments about money in the future.

      2.  Building Trust – Premarital counselling will help empower you with the tools you

           need to build trust for one another and how to support each other in this process. 

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Marriage is a life journey that two people decided to share with one another. You deserve to give your marriage the best opportunity to strive and make your life journey exciting and meaningful. Call or email us today to make an appointment. You deserve to have a lasting and fulfilling marriage.