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Phone Counselling in Surrey and White Rock

Skype Counselling in Surrey and White Rock

Individual Counselling in Surrey and White Rock

Phone and Skype Counselling

While it is important to the process for you to visit the counsellor in person, this is sometimes simply too difficult in certain circumstances. We can arrange to have all or some of your counselling sessions over the phone or via Skype.

What Is Skype Counselling?

Skype is basically an internet telephone service, which allows you to talk to people for free using a microphone and a webcam.  You simply download the software to your computer, instal it and then start adding contacts. It will need a webcam, which allows face to face contact with the counsellor. A headset contains both earphones and a microphone, and it helps to improve audio quality on calls and reduce echoes. Otherwise, the cost is free.

Research indicates that the outcome for clients who have undertaken counselling via video link can be similar to those having standard therapy in person.

Skype Sessions

Even though Skype counselling is different from in-office sessions, we treat the therapeutic process the same. We will identify specific targets and create goals, so we can measure change. We will focus on creating a safe environment for your therapeutic process. The therapist will try to identify the root causes of the various issues you are experiencing, so you are able to take control of your own life and walk in freedom.


The counsellor will speak to you from a private room. The usual rules of confidentiality that are applied in a normal one-to-one therapy session will be applied to the Phone and to the Skype Counselling session.

Skype Counselling Fees 

All Phone and Skype Counselling sessions are based upon a pre-paid basis.


No emergency calls with Skype! Skype is not a replacement for your telephone and cannot be used for emergency calls.

Contact Us For Help

Call or email us today, so we can schedule a brief phone interview to discuss the details of your Skype or Phone Counselling sessions.  Take control of your issues, so you can live a life that is full of joy and laughter, and congruent with your values. You deserve it!